When you need to wash those fancy hands of yours, you deserve a matching fancy hand wash. Where there's a sink, there needs to be a beauty-full hand wash. Stock up for yourself or send some to your hygienic friends.

Beauty's Got Soul is a for profit for purpose business on a mission.

A percentage of sales, not profits, go directly to sleepbus to provide safe, overnight, temporary accomodation on buses that have been custom built with individual sleeping pods. 

This Garden of Wonder Hand Wash is on a mission! With organic essential oils of rose and pink grapefruit, this hand wash smells divine and is spreading wonder by giving back.

We give a percentage of our sales directly to charity. By buying this body wash, you are helping a charity provide safe sleeps for the homeless in Australia.

Experience hand washing with our Garden of Wonder Hand Wash. You'll love it. Fresh, Cruelty Free and Australian Made.