French Biscuit Milk 

French biscuit milk chocolate is one of the best sellers and most popular chocolate options from QQ La Praline. Taste the French biscuit mixed with some quality Belgian chocolate added some locally sourced Australian produce. The biscuits will not just add flavours but will give you that extra crunch you want from your chocolate bar.


Strawberry Cashew Brittle

Strawberry bliss, strawberry kiss... call it like you want! White chocolate mix with strawberry and cashew brittle to give a little bit of crunchiness.


Red Gum Honeycomb Dark

Staying true to its promise to support sustainable efforts, QQ La Praline created a chocolate featuring pure Australian red gum honey. This variant is packed with chunks of red gum honeycomb mixed with the best dark chocolate couverture.

This locally sourced and handcrafted Australian chocolate bar is one of the unique flavour options. It is also one of the fan-favourites. Honeycomb dark chocolate will give you a taste of home. Every bite is flavoured with the sweetness and tanginess of the honeycomb plus the bittersweet taste from the dark chocolate.